Argumentative Essay On Red Wine

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NAVRATRI'S are over and Diwali feasts are over. Now it's time for weddings, Christmas get-togethers and a big New Year's do. Booze is all around you. So, what are you drinking? Are you sticking to red wine because it’s supposed to be good for you? And if your answer is yes, then how much? In 2011, the American Heart Association polled 1,000 adults and found that 76 per cent agreed that wine could be good for the heart. but only 30 per cent knew what the recommended limits were. The problem is that we take information at face value and ignore the fine print. And that can be detrimental for our health. IS RED WINE AS GOOD AS IT'S MEANT TO BE? Red wine and peace of bread on table Red wine worship started when people (Americans mostly) began to wonder how wine-guzzling, carb-loving French folk managed to stay much thinner and healthier than diet-obsessed others. This was called the …show more content…

The red wine frenzy only began in the 1990s, so the studies can't tell us about long-term outcomes of its effects on heart disease, inflammation and cancer. At best, we can speculate and make inferences. So, does red wine really rule? Various studies have shown that moderate amounts of all types of alcohol benefit our hearts. But red wine gets all the media. And there’s some evidence that any protective benefits of wine on the heart generally only works over the age of 45. And let’s not forget that the polyphenol content in various wines is not the same: it depends a lot on the type of grapes used to make the wines. So not every wine will give you lots of keep-you-healthy antioxidants. And in fact, benefits from the resveratrol in red wine might be outweighed by the alcohol you are ingesting along with it. HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH? You can still give red wine the benefit of doubt. Face it, it’s tasty! But how much is good for you? Many people say they follow the French example and drink two or three glasses of wine a day for the good of their

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