Argumentative Essay: The Gun Control Debate

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Raging like a swollen river, the Gun Control debate has quickly taken center stage in our country. Swirling in a pandemonium of facts, fallacies, emotions, and lies, how can we pick through this issue from a Christian perspective? Even the Bible offers no direct answer. However, by wading with our knowledge of sinful nature into this river, a glimmer of light appears. Once imbedded on a firm foundation, we can view through the crystal lens of God’s Word and utilize the logic that He has given us to sort through the mud and find the nugget of truth.
Delving straight to the root of violence, sin, provides a firm base from which to launch into the debate. All humans, as fallen descendants of Adam, live entirely corrupted by sin, which permits no goodness. By recognizing this through the fog of lies, we realize that the problem originates in our sinful nature. Whether or not sinful humans possess guns will not stem their …show more content…

From the beginning of our country, our Founding Fathers grounded this right firmly in the foundation of the Bill of Rights, the Second Amendment, directly after the Right to Free Speech and Religion. Why the importance? In their wisdom, they perceived that had they not possessed arms in our country’s successful revolution, the British would have subjected them and their families under utter jurisdiction. All governments should live in a healthy fear of their people, not the other way around. If the government restricts all weapons, what worldly powers could stand against them should they turn to dominance and oppression of our people? Handing in weapons simply when the government demands borders on Communism, a system of government which fails in the darkest sense of the word. Our fathers did not incorporate this right so that citizens could hunt or feel the power of a rifle; this one right holds firm our very freedoms in this

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