Argumentative Essay: The Murder Case Of Lizzie Borden

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As someone may have said, “Lizzie did it” or “It was totally Lizzie” is right. As some may say, the Lizzie Borden case must be quiet boring. Well, it’s wrong! Go into detail, who else would’ve burned a dress from old paint? Lizzie Borden, by the way, is a murder case that happened on August 4, 1892. No one knows who has done it, and the people that are suspected have lots of evidence supporting if they have done it. In this S.A., there are many reasons on why Lizzie committed the double murders, and evidence to prove it. Surely enough, Lizzie Borden did murder her parents. No if’s and’s or but’s. For example, After the smart people figured out Lizzie Borden most likely could’ve done it, they sent her to trial. The …show more content…

For example, saying that Lizzie Borden killed her parents makes sense when he/she says it, but there is a lot of evidence to prove she has done it. From the documents read, they report that a girl named Eli Bence saw Lizzie asking for a deadly poison called prussic acid, the night before the murders of Andrew and Abby Borden (Linder, 2004). Honestly, who else would she ask for poison? She totally killed her own parents! Stating that, while at one time it may have been true that Andrew and Abby Borden were alive, now we can state that Lizzie Borden murdered them. A trial for Lizzie Borden opened on June 5, 1893. The defense team was Andrew Jenningo and George Robinson(Linder, 2004). They were attorneys for goodness sake! They obviously know what they’re doing. Another fact is, Despite the validity of Lizzie’s claims about her saying she burned her blue dress because of old paint, she missed the mark when it comes to her not being around the maid, the only one who uses the paint because why else would there be paint on her dress right after the murderers? It’s blood! The event of Lizzie burning her dress took place exactly 3 days after the incident. People that are smart enough to know who Lizzie is, claimed she was not burning her old dress from old paint, but rather from blood (Linder, 2004). If you’re thinking, “Well, the maid could’ve done it on accident.” The maid wouldn’t be cleaning the house right after the people that paid her got murdered. Overall, Lizzie Borden killed her parents, and that’s all the evidence anyone should

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