Argumentative Essay: The Use Of Police Body Cameras

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Police Body Cameras It’s no secret that everyone holds their own opinion regarding the actions of police officers and other positions of authority within these past years, be it good or bad. From the shootings of innocent and unarmed civilians to disciplinary action being taken against those that haven’t done anything unlawful, there’s rarely a day when the police force of the United States doesn’t find itself involved in some sort of controversy. No matter what side you find yourself supporting in these instances, be it the police or the civilian, it’s true that both sides can benefit from the use of these police body cameras.
Police body cameras hold one main purpose and that’s to work to prevent brutality on the parts of both the officer and civilian(s) in question. The Police brutality issue finds itself weaved into history, going back as far as the 19th century. Of course, the idea of equipping police officers with body cameras wasn't around at that time, but one can’t help but entertain the thought of how much more peaceful things would be today had we been able to incorporate them sooner. Whether anyone will really admit it or not, the police have a long history of …show more content…

It’s a proven fact that police officers in the USA spend a great deal more time in firearm training when becoming a police officer than many other countries. Another fact that goes hand-in-hand with the previous one is that those same countries find themselves with substantially fewer police shootings and lower crime rates than the USA. One of the main causes behind police brutality is arrogance and whether they’ll admit it or not, it’s painfully obvious that there are many police officers in action today that see themselves as individuals that stand above the rules and moral standards of society simply because they have a badge and a

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