Argumentative: The Most Effective Ideas Of Reality Transurfing

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. Edit the following paragraph. The main flaw is the use of passive voice. During the subsequent readings spot other oversights as well: Reality Transurfing is a persuasive scientific model that allows you to do the most improbable things - precisely, to control your fate the way you choose. It is impossible only from a stereotypical point of view. One of the most compelling parts of transurfing is The Law of Attraction. A lot of information about the Law of Attraction can be found in V. Zeland’s book, on the websites, devoted to the topic, and in the film “Secret”. The Law of Attraction is a wonderful secret of life. What we concentrate our thinking upon is attracted into our lives. Relevant energies are pulled together by this appealing alluring power of the world. It is manifested by means of the creative energies. Even the law of gravity is a part of the Law of Attraction. Thoughts, situations, and events are attracted according to this Law. As it is stated in the book “Transurfing reality”, the transurfing starts where the secret of the Law of Attraction ends. For example, you have been thinking about a friend for a couple of days and she suddenly calls you up…show more content…
If there are shelters in the cities, it will help to avoid many problems. For example, if an irresponsible person is tired of looking after the animal or it takes too many efforts, it is not necessary to throw it on the street – the animal can be taken away to a shelter where a new, more responsible owner could be found As a rule, there is also a qualified veterinary help in the shelters. What’s more, it is possible to offer money for the animal food if a person has no opportunity to take it to their home, but is eager to help. And the animals roaming in search of food will not attack children and adults. Perhaps, then the world will be kinder. A shelter is a good chance for animals to find a new home and begin a new

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