Arguments Against Refunding Planned Parenthood

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“No woman can call herself free who does not control her own body.” – Margaret Sanger, Founder of Planned Parenthood
Currently the world has a crisis; women and the control they do not have over their own bodies. We are struggling to help women find their rights and their purpose. There has been a fight for reproductive rights even before the famous Roe v. Wade case back in the 1970s. Women and men have been fighting to end the stigma on abortion and why it is so vital to women’s reproductive rights, as well as trying to show the world that reproductive rights is not just abortion, but that it is also STI/STD testing, pap smears, breast cancer screenings and even more. This issue is not just in the United States either, it is happening all …show more content…

The American society today is blinded by the lack of information within reproductive rights and abortion. Most tend to believe that abortion is the main issue within reproductive rights and tend to defund places like Planned Parenthood, or try to. Abortion is a controversial topic, and unfortunately not many know what abortion really is. Due to this, some choose to be Pro-Life as opposed to being Pro-Choice. According to TFP Student Action, there are multiple reasons to not be pro-choice. For example, “Abortion offends is started at conception...abortion is unsafe”(TFP Student Action). Knowing the opposing side is important in understanding and ultimately deciding what you agree with and who you will side with. People do not like abortion, there are people who do not like it and feel it should be legal, others do not like it but feel it is not the …show more content…

Knowing the statistics of what Planned Parenthood does and how many women and men use these services is important because of the misconceptions are present and prevalent in the minds of many. For example, most believe that abortion is all that Planned Parenthood does and that it is the most popular. However, as shown in the graph, abortion takes of 3% of all of Planned Parenthood’s services. In fact, Planned Parenthood performs STI/STD testing and treatment the most, with the next program being contraception. When the funding in places like Texas is lost, people go straight to abortion, when in fact, these men and women will be losing so much more than most realize. If the funding in Planned Parenthood is increased at home and overseas, women will have more opportunities to receive the help that they

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