The Advantages Of Planned Parenthood

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Many of the allegations that were being made was because many of the audio and video footage that was released proved that they are taking advantage of the funding to Planned Parenthood. With this evidence there’s enough proof to defund Planned Parenthood.
On the Susan B. Anthony List website there was also information provided that there was footage released by Lila Rose Live Action showed Planned Parenthood willing to aid and abet in acknowledged human sex trafficking of girls as young as 14 (Susan B. Anthony List). With this information we have an specific person from the clinic caught on footage aiding illegal activities that isn’t supposed to happen in the clinic because they’re supposed to aid help and support not aid illegal activities
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Again many of the patients and democrats are scared that many people would lose the health care they receive if Planned Parenthood is defunded again not thinking about the abortion allegations.
With the defunding of Planned Parenthood the government is able to save money. Steven Ertelt wrote in his article that a congressional report shows that defunding Planned Parenthood clinics for 1 year can save the federal government $235 million (Ertelt). The defunding of Planned Parenthood would be beneficial in general to the government because they are able to save millions of dollar within one year. Even though it is believed that it would cost money to defund Planned Parenthood there is a report showing how much can be saved easily by even defunding for one
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DFLA mentioned on their website that they want to change the government’s funding for women 's healthcare from Planned Parenthood to Community Health Centers, which allows more preventative care (DFLA). Since there are 9,000 Community Health Centers sites across the country and almost every single Congressional district has at least one center. With the 700 Planned Parenthood facilities they can provide fuller services to families. The Community Health Centers can still give women access to the services and support that are needed for them (DFLA). Instead of families worrying about the defunding Planned Parenthood there’s many Community Health Centers that could still provide services to

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