Arguments Against Women's Suffrage

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Women’s Suffrage (noun); the right of women to vote; female suffrage. For as long as most can remember, women have never been viewed as equal to men. Women have fought for countless rights, including the right to vote, run for office, and for everyday things such as equal pay, the right to job listings, getting an education, and even having a credit card in their own name. Due to feminism, these things are being fixed. The word ‘feminist’ is used to describe someone, usually a female, who fights for equality as women are considered the weaker sex. It describes someone who stands up for what they believe in and what they believe in is equality among men and women. I have witnessed myself that men think they are more superior. Little things …show more content…

According to the news source, ‘Market Watchers’, jobs such as surgeons and physicians, top executives, human resource managers, salespersons, real estate agents, and even bartenders. The wage differences for a woman can be range anywhere from 24% to 38.8% less than a man. On average, for every dollar a man makes, a woman is paid 77 cents. So if a man makes $100,000 a year, a woman will only make $77,000. That’s a $23,000 difference! This is a problem that should be solved as soon as possible, but at the rate at which the wage gap is narrowing, it could take over a century to close. There are many people that do not agree with fixing this problem by reason of they feel that women’s pay is a woman’s problem. They feel that men should be paid more because women have children, which means they must take off of work on maternity leave, unlike men. This is not fair seeing as how not every woman is not going to have children and need maternity leave. Society genuinely views women as nurturers more than anything, while men are seen as hard-workers or the breadwinner. On another note, these days women have to work to support their family just as much as a man does. With expenses these days, it can take both parents income to help raise a child. When it comes to single parents, it would be easier for a man to support his child than a woman seeing as how she wouldn’t earning as much as him. …show more content…

A true feminist not only fights for the rights of women, but for men as well. The whole concept of feminism is to create and fight for equality yet we feminist sometimes only fight for ourselves. I feel that in order for me to call myself a feminist, I must first realize that women are not the only victims in this society. Men are expected to be strong just as women are expected to lack that quality both physically and mentally. Our society is constantly pushing the stereotypical expectancy of masculinity and superiority onto young boys as well as men. Growing up, young boys are told that they must be strong. They are expected to be able to fight and to never cry. They are pressured to increase their masculinity throughout their entire lives. To society, being able to achieve and be these things makes a man, while not being able to, practically makes a woman. When the day is over with though, doing these things to children will only hurt them. Children should be raised to be themselves rather than something they aren’t. They should be told that it’s okay to let it all out sometimes rather than hiding their

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