Manhood Suffrage Dbq

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Woman suffrage was a rough time for woman. They proved in many ways, to men and the government, that they were capable of having the responsibility to vote. Except, no one seemed to care and thought that they were not ready. Allowing women to vote is a right because otherwise it would be considered oppression, women are just as capable as men to vote, and they will help improve the government.
First of all, if women were not granted the right to vote, it would be considered oppression. Stanton proved this point in one of her speeches saying, “When ‘manhood suffrage’ is established from Maine to California, woman has reached the lowest depths of political degradation. So long as there is a disfranchised class in this country, and that class …show more content…

Many people argued that if you gave women the right to vote, the women would help improve the government and help them progress. Elizabeth Stanton spoke in front of the National Woman’s Suffrage Convention and stated, "'Manhood suffrage' or a man’s government, is civil, religious, and social disorganization. The male element is a destructive force, stern, selfish, aggrandizing, loving war, violence, conquest, acquisition, breeding in the material and moral world alike discord, disorder, disease, and death" (Stanton). The government won't gain any element of strength if all the ballots are just men. Also, men tend to be on the more aggressive side. Therefore, if someone were to threaten the United States, their first instinct would be to declare war. Meanwhile, women would lower the temper of the government and provide a problem solving element. Suffragists argued that direct influence in government was best for both women and society. They claimed that exerting indirect influence was not only time-consuming but also ineffective in enacting social reforms. With the vote, suffragists argued, it would be easier for women to oppose corrupt government practices and win social reforms (Kauffman). Women began to argue that with the opinion of women throughout the country, the government would advance. Men and women have a difference in opinion so having both involved in the government they could avoid future corruption and bad decision making. Women have a lot of different qualities than men so adding those to the government system would help the

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