Articles Of Confederation Ratification Essay

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After declaring independence from Great Britain, the United States needed an established document to help unify the colonies. The Articles of Confederation was the first documented “Constitution” the Unites States ever had. The Articles of confederation was created to push for the individual states to come together and act as a one. Almost being like a rough draft, this document was a loose outline for the federal government that was meant to help defend the country from foreign attacks and promote economic growth. The weak document led to the eventual ratification that allowed the nation to adopt the new and improved Constitution. The Articles of Confederation brought issues with state representation, trade, and taxation that prompted the eventual ratification, allowing for the Constitution to take its place. The Articles of Confederation made for a weak federal government giving more…show more content…
Ultimately it allowed the founding fathers to recognized the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation and fix the shortage of this prestigious paper. As the Constitution was ratified it offered solutions to all the problems the nation was facing and brought all thirteen colonies into one. The Constitution created a system that divided Congress into two houses, first the House of Representatives then the Senate. This helped give people from the smaller states a voice against the bigger states and its people, which lead for equal representation. The ratification also gave the central government more power while Congress gained the power to enforce good interstate relations and regulate trade being made. It called for a new currency system which would help eliminate problems with trade and allow the government to impose taxes more efficiently. The ratification of the Constitution helped the United States to make better progress as a nation and made economic growth
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