Assisted Suicide Argumentative Essay

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It’s your body and you should decide what to do with it. People should not have to suffer through the pain and embarrassment that illnesses tend to cause. The humiliation felt when you are no longer able to control your body, to feel comfortable in your own skin. People should have the right to die if they are miserable and in pain. They should have the right to die when they are ready, if they are ready. They shouldn’t just have to wait for the time to come, wait for the end. These people are in pain, and if they are ready to go, then we should let them go. I have always heard about assisted suicide from the news, and how some people believe it should or shouldn’t be legalized. I once watched a documentary about assisted death and it was very interesting to me. They would should ill people on their death bed who were just waiting for their time to come. They were sitting ducks in the game that is life, and death was awaiting them. These people no longer had a chance to live. Terminal illness’s change you, they become you. By …show more content…

As I have said, they believe someone else holds your life in their hands, that someone else decides what happens to it. I mean, I definitely believe things happen for a reason, and that if you have something going on then the best way is to deal with it, but if the person is already dying and there is no hope, then shouldn’t they get to die when they are still happy and still in the right mind set. I would definitely not want people to suffer and just await death, never knowing when it’s coming. I hope that they can see where I am coming from, and can see why assisted suicide should be legalized in more states. Sophie Warnes states that “In 2013, 0.21% of all deaths in Oregon were due to the Death With Dignity Act, and the latest data (from 2012) on assisted deaths in Washington is very similar at 0.23%. In the same year, there were 576,458 deaths in England and Wales.

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