Athlete Obstacles

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When you think of an athlete, usually the word “tough” comes to mind. Being an athlete myself, I know that sometimes, it is hard to succeed. There are many obstacles that you have to maneuver around, such as jobs, homework/school, FFA, and other sports, not to mention the weight of parents constantly breathing down. However, if you 're a truly determined athlete you will find a way to make it, safely, around those obstacles. One obstacle may be playing with athletes who don 't care. When you have one athlete that doesn 't enjoy the sport as much, they drag the entire team, and all the other players, down. Then, you have other obstacles that are easy to get through like having homework. Those obstacles still make a dent in your successful career such as other priorities such as wanting to go hang out with your friends. Some people say that the school spirit and the crowd make the athlete successful. Others may say that it is how the parents raised their child; however, facts and information have …show more content…

I use to think that the successfulness of an athlete was determined by how a parent raised and taught their child. Some parents are laid back and don’t care about the sport(s). Others are there for their kid through everything, especially in sports. Parents who love athletics, love to push their kid(s). For instance, the parents that work with their athlete(s) on a daily basis and make it a routine. Some, parents seem to push them too much. Such as, the parents that makes it a priority over other things. Furthermore, your kids don’t need you to yell at the ref, harass the coach about playing time, or yell out instructions to them while they are on the playing field. As a result, this will make the athlete embarrassed at the fact that the parent is the loudest one there and it’s not in a positive manner. The dedication of a parent is not the answer because no matter how involved the parent is, if the athlete is having an off day then they won’t play to the best of their

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