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Australia Day is one of the most unique national day’s in the world throughout history, celebrating the day of when our ancestors first arrived on the borders of Australia, in 1788. Rather than unite people as one whole though, the spirited outcome of this event isn’t what as anticipated by everyone and has divided the Australian society for good. And so it should be held at an alternative date, where Australian citizens feel worthy of their identity and not cheated by it. However, the celebration shouldn’t be adapted to like that of other commemorations like ANZAC day. Essentially, this day will always be a tragic memory for the indigenous and be viewed as the invasion of their homeland. Also, while it’s significant to note the ‘foundation day’ of Australia, many people say that there were many other good memories made after that that are just as or if not more important. Finally, ANZAC Day is often thought of a replacement but shouldn’t…show more content…
Originally, it was called the ‘Foundation Day’ for the land but in 1935, was ‘promoted’ to Australia Day, a day for national unity. However, it didn’t make things much different because the very problematic reasonings remained and ultimately, Australia 's sincere identity still has yet to be seen. Firsty, the use of the celebration will continue to the criticism of being based on a race unless changed to a just substitution. Next, the Australian spirit isn’t truly upholded on this date because of the poor basis that branches out from the past and anyways, many citizens should have no gripe with changing the time and day as it’s not of much interest to be honest. ANZAC Day is not appropriate for the matter and falls under the lists of unfortunate commemorations too. There are better, more worthy days to experience your love of Australia that this event can be easily changed

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