Authoritative Parenting Styles

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There are four separate parenting styles which are utilized by parents raising children. They are authoritative, authoritarian, permissive-indulgent, and rejecting-neglecting. The authoritative style is a child-rearing style where parents are restrictive and demanding, yet communicative and warm. Authoritarian is a child-rearing style in which parents demand submission and obedience from the child. Permissive-indulgent is a child-rearing style where the parents are warm and not restrictive. The rejecting-neglecting style is a child-rearing style in which parents are neither restrictive and controlling nor supportive and responsive. The authoritative parents raise the most capable children. Authoritarian parents are cold and rejecting. Permissive-Indulgent parents are easygoing and unconventional. Rejecting-Neglecting are low in support and responsiveness and raise children with …show more content…

I believe that the more authoritative parenting style was more prevalent. Although my parents are married and I lived in a traditional household, my mom plays the primary role in raising and disciplining myself and my younger brothers. My dad is the more laid back parent. My mom is the authoritative parent while my dad is permissive-indulgent. My mom is extremely strict and behavior when it comes to school work, grades, and behavior. At the same time she tries to give us free time and allow us to hang out with friends and enjoy growing up. My dad is the fun parent that lets us do anything we ask and is always laid back and rarely a disciplinarian. Since I was raised like this I think it led me to have a very normal childhood, at least during my teenage years. My mom was stricter as I was younger and became less restrictive as I got older. I am more respective towards others and more focused on my grades and find the importance in success because of my mom. I am more carefree and fun-loving because of my

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