Autism Speaks Inc. (2012)

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Autism Speaks Inc (2012) state the core features of ASD are areas in which difficulties can lead to feelings of frustration, confusion, anxiety or lack of control, this could result in a behavioural response. Moreover, since behaviour is often a form of communication, many individuals voice their wants, needs or concerns through behaviours, rather than words. Therefore, we need to understand what motivates children with ASD to have negative behaviours, also what we can do as parent/carers/practitioners to help to motivate them in replacing the negative with a positive appropriate behaviour. In 2008, The Department for Children Schools and Families started a new national strategy called, Every Child A Talker (ECAT) the idea behind this is to highlight, then, help children with their communication in social, speaking, understanding, listening and attention skills. The intended outcome is to produce a developmentally appropriate, supportive and stimulating environment in which the children can enjoy and experiment with language (see appendix 11 …show more content…

Oppenheim et al (2008) developed assessments of parent's representations of their children using interviews. Parents were filmed with their children, these were then looked at, parents then were questioned on different pieces of the recording, they were asked to discuss the child's thoughts and feelings. This was to help parents understand what motivates their child to adopt that behaviour, moreover comprehending what may underlie it. For that reason, Early Years Matters (2015) suggest a secure relationship should be formed between a child and its keyworker; and, this should involve the key person responding sensitively to the needs, feelings and behaviours of that

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