Avi Lewis And Naomi Klein's Film This Changes Everything

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Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything (2015) film provides a real world, visual illustration of the repercussions that can occur do to the lust for growth in society. Shot over 211 days this film conveys the severity of the issue of climate change. The primary forms of productivity in a society as discussed by Krugman are derived from human capital, physical capital, technological advancements, and debatably most important: natural resources. The film This Changes Everything exhibits the need for natural resources and how crucial they are for a society to grow and sustain a level of growth. What ends up happening, particularly where we are in today’s world is we as a species have a demand for natural resources that cannot easily be met and the planet is …show more content…

An even more severe example comes throughout China where smog literally detriments quality of life and is a preventative factor in society. The Canadian government although they may be resisting indigenous desires they are not necessarily corrupt. As illustrated in Krugman and Why Poor Countries are Poor in places such as Africa who already are at disadvantage due to lack of natural resources, but there lies an immense amount of instability in areas like Douala (aka the armpit of Africa) has one of the most corrupt governments in the world and has little natural resources to enhance its status whatsoever or cameroon where the average citizen (is 8 times poorer than the average citizen of the world and almost 50 times poorer than the average american” thus exhibiting Krugman 's premise to be accurate. Opposed to places such as East Asia who since 1975 has on average increased its Real GDP per Capita by 6%. Within East Asia natural resources and a large investment in human capital (i.e. educating the population) has been made, which in turn has lead to places like China being one of the fastest growing and most powerful economies on the

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