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Name: Matthew Christian A. Griarte Course and Section: MLS 1-1 Name of the Professor: Ms. Peggy Anne Orbe Movie Critique of “ Awakenings” The Writer: Steven Zaillian The Director: Penny Marshall The movie was shown in 1990, based on the book of Oliver Sacks. It is about a Degenerative Neurological Disorder called Parkinson’s Disease, named after an English Doctor - Dr. James Parkinson, who published an essay about the “Shaking Palsy”. Dr. Parkinson described the characteristics as resting tremor, abnormal posture and gait, paralysis and diminished muscle strength or stiffness. It is a Degenerative Neurological Disorder because the affected part is our midbrain and it regresses over time. The story …show more content…

Especially Robert de Niro who played the lead role as Leonard Lowe a patient who has advance stage of Parkinsons Disease and Robin Williams as Dr. Sayer who instigated the use of L-Dopa to patients who has Parkinsons Disease. Thus, having the patients awaken from their “frozen bodies”. Both are nominated and have won Best Actors (tie) for the splendid and realistic performance in the …show more content…

The determination and will power to recover from the sickness for our loved ones. And for the immediate caregivers. One has to have tremendous patience, love and care when dealing with a person with advance stage of sickness. In the Unites States. If a person who needs prolong guidance, the family members let them say in hospice centers or nursing homes. Instead, we Filipinos took good care of them in our homes. I think people with ages 13 and up can relate to the movie. They can vividly visualize or can easily understand what the writer wants to impart to them. I would highly recommend it also to other people. Especially to those families like us , who are one way or the other experienced these kind of degenerative disease in the family. I gave the movie a five out of five score (***** out of *****). One of the best films ever. Actors and actresses portrayed their role for real. As if they are really the ones who have Parkinsons Disease. The movie was creatively done. Even though most of the setting is in the hospital. Robert de Niro and the late Robin Williams even won Best Actors for their portrayal on the said film. Author Matthew Christian Griarte studies in De Lasalle Health and Sciences Institute as a student in the College of Medical Laboratory Science as a freshman, who loves basketball, cycling, food, automotive, history, aviation and

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