B-Line Case Study Summary

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In the case of B-Line, the current of the generator almost equals to the current in the load. Fig. 4.5 a) Line simulation circuit –b)simulation results -

The selected parameters of the delay line correspond to the required phase shift of the load current. The main advantage of B-Line circuit: its ability to transfer a differential (balanced) signal by a single-wire. 5. Three phase system by a single wire
The well-known three-phase system is a combination of three single-wire systems. If all three phases have the same load (balanced circuit), the current in the common wire will be zero. In this case, the fourth wire is not necessary. A problem arises if phase loads change unequally. The main advantage of three-phase systems is in using three or four wires instead
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5.4 Converter 3 to 1
The system of the phase adjustment can be automatic.
In this case the system consists of two parts. The first part is the control part. The feedback signal can be obtained by the known contactless method as is shown on Fig. 5.5.

Fig 5.5. Contactless removal method of measuring the amount of current values
The second part includes relays, variable inductors and capacitors. This part will be different in all systems. The system developer will prepare table with recommendation for these elements.
The practical implementation of this circuit can be not difficult. (see Fig 5.6 a,b).

The inductance set is one choke. The capacitors set are set of identical capacitors. There are no gaps, when the current is switching. This inductance with taps and the set of identical capacitors should not be very expensive.

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Fig 5.6
As one can see on Fig. 5.6 a,b in these circuits there is no current interrupt.
There is only the current increase or decrease.
Thus we have shown that Single Line Electricity allows transmit from a source of three phase signal to a receiver of three phase signal by one wire instead of three or four wires. Bur there are two important advantages as
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