Band Camp Narrative Report

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One Time at Band Camp One faithful day in my Senior year of band camp. The morning had just started so the ground was still damp. Hot and humidity was that chosen day. Sweaty and tired, we had no energy to play. Stopping for a water break had the drums and a few friends. Cooling down was the goal, and we hope it never ends. Exchanging witty banter and jokes was a must. All dreading the moment when we had to play again, kicking up dust The first member of that tired band was a good friend Nelly. He was a guy’s guy and if he were a girl I imagine he would be a Kelly. His hair was curly and brown as a box of burnt curly fries. He is a nice guy most of the time, at least he tries. He is below average in height, about 5’ 5” On weekends he likes…show more content…
Using generosity to cover the immaturity he is constantly trying to be masking. A fondness for doughnuts has lead to a nickname that was just that, “doughnut.” He never seemed to have the consistent hair, sometimes it is long, sometimes it is a crew cut. Despite all his shortcomings, I could not imagine band without him anymore. His childish jokes were certainly something to make your laugh soar. Ian, our first non- percussionist welcome in the group. His funny jokes and humor had earned him a spot in our makeshift troop. He had dark brown hair, sometimes tight in a top-knot on his head. The scruffy beard he wears has caused many a girl to fled. The broad forehead he bears leads me to believe he is learned. Often he spits out facts from Nordic tales, about heros and evil being burned. The clarient is his instrument of choice in the band since he was young. From the Spongebob character I believe the interest sprung. Nevertheless, he is clever and always is using that to play tricks. More than once we have been tricked and beat him with drum sticks. The last, but certainly not least, member of our water break clan is Kyle. Another funny guy, though his jokes can sometimes be
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