Bandwagons Research Paper

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In today’s society, there are people in this world who do not want to be a lone wolf, rather they find comfort in being in a pack, those people are called bandwagons. A lot of people now in days are not loyal to one team anymore or don’t pick a team unless they are winning. Fans aren’t cheering on for their own teams anymore if they are losing and want to cheer for the better team. People get discouraged when they are cheering for their team because they are getting made fun of for not cheering on a good team. This causes people to leave their team to go to a winning team. This happens mostly in sports like the NBA, NFL, and MLB but it also happens in clothing now in days everyone wants to wear what is trending. There are a lot of reasons why…show more content…
Recently, the most bandwagon team has to be the Golden State Warriors since the bulls with Michael Jordan. No one cared for this team at all a few years ago. This team was never talked about and was barely having a good record or even going into the playoffs. Then everything changed when the Warriors became the most loved/hated team because of all the superstars that they got on the team. Now everyone became a Warrior fan because they were unbeatable. The team has so many bandwagon fans that you see people wearing a jersey or t shirt from the team but can’t name you any players or tell you last night’s score. They only wear their jersey because they are a winning team and they have a sense of pride because they are for the winning team so no one can tell them their team is better because their team is one of the best in the league. We live in a day of age that a good fifty percent of the people bandwagon one way or another because they need to. A lot of people now in days don’t want to be doing anything alone or leading something they have to be part of something. Its more comforting for them to
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