Batam Island Case Study

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Batam Island is one of the largest islands in Riau Island Province and there are 329 islands around the territory of the Batam city. Batam is one of the popular tropical holiday destinations in South East Asia among tourists and famous as the oil rich province. The area of Batam Island is 415 sq. Km. Due to the demand of space and progress of investments, the Batam Industrial area was expanded with the inclusion of two other islands, namely Rempang and Galang. The new names for Rempang and Galang are Barelang and Batam-Rempang-Galang. Total area of Batam became 715 sq. Km. All the islands are connected with the Trans-Barelang road, which include 6 bridges. Batam is located about ten miles south of Singapore, north of Rempang, west of Bintan Island and east of Bulan Island.…show more content…
The Batam center is surrounded by the local government officials. The Batam province divided into 12 districts and these districts are including several adjoining islands such as Rempang, Galang and Bintan as well as Batam Island itself. In August 2014, the government has implemented some new regulations on Batam Island. The Batam Centre, Ferry Terminal has a sign of finger over a pair of the lips and this sign is defined as the visitors have to be silent when the queue for immigration clearance. The visitors have to follow the immigration officers’ instructions or will be sent back to Singapore immediately. There are a number of facilities offered to foreign investment in Batam such as allowance to establish 100% foreign ownership, streamlined procedure for foreign investment, foreign investment license for 30 years and extendable, simple immigration procedure for expatriates, land lease up to 80 years and extendable and easy import and export procedure. The foreigners are allowed to own a house and shop houses on Batam Island even they did not work in

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