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  • Dubai Geography

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    1. Describe the geographical location of Dubai. Basically, Dubai geographical is highlighted by Dubai's location on the North-Eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Dubai is located on the Persian Gulf. Dubai also is the largest of all United Arab Emirates and it has the separation with Emirates form of one united country. Dubai also is second largest emirate with an urban area of 3885 square kilometres and the city is roughly 35 square kilometres. Then, it will expand to twice the size with their

  • Geography In Dubai: Describe The Geography Of Dubai

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    1) Describe the geographical location of Dubai. First of all the original area of Dubai is 3885 square kilometers with 75 kilometers of shoreline along the Persian Gulf. The emirates of Dubai share borders with Abu Dhabi in the south, Sharjah in the northeast and lastly at the southeast of Dubai it share the border with Sultanate of Oman. At the western coast of Dubai is the location of the Arabian Gulf .The precise location of Dubai on the world map is precisely positioned at 25.2697° N and 55

  • Dubai: Describe The Geographical Location Of Dubai

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    1. Describe the geographical location of Dubai. Dubai is a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates is located on the northeast coast of Peninsular Arab.Sheikh II Ibn Said Rashid Maktoum is the ruler of the emirate from 1958 until his death in 1990.Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates. The city has existed for almost 1000 years. Dubai makes a change from a sleepy port for major global business and tourism. Dubai has a small oil reserves on which to build the future. In 2006, oil made up

  • Tourism In Dubai

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    General introduction Located on the Persian Gulf, Dubai is one of the seven states of the United Arab Emirates, and tourism is of utmost importance to land’s rapidly growing economy. Tourism as an industry contributes to various aspects of the economy, examples include various service industries including, but not limited to: transportation services, like airlines, cruise lines, and taxis, as well as accommodation services, like hotels or resorts, and finally entertainment services, like stadiums

  • Dubai Descriptive

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    states- Abu Dhabi is the shining ornament of UAE’s crown. Though it’s not as elegant as Dubai and also not a cosmopolitan, yet it is magical and there is some enchantment about this marvelous settlement that captures the attention of plenty of people from all the various parts of the world and compels them to take cheap flights to Abu Dhabi. It has the shortage of poseurs and also the traffic jams that have plagued Dubai; this ultimate fact makes it more alluring and lively city of UAE. Comprising more

  • Experience In Dubai Essay

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    Iconic experiences in Dubai which you cannot miss out Dubai is a city that must be seen to be believed. Record-breaking architecture stands alongside its traditional quarters, while man-made islands stands out just outside of the coastline. We have prepared a list of things which you should not miss out during your trip to Dubai. Burj Khalifa One of the iconic landmarks of Dubai is too attractive and high to miss out on. Standing at 828 meters above sea-level, the world's tallest tower

  • Essay On Dubai Tourism

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    Dubai Tourism Overview Tagline: There is an Avant-Garde travel company ready to help you while traveling the best locations of Dubai. The city of Sheikhs will give you an ultimate view of fashion, richness and sky-kissing buildings. Title: Dubai tourism| Tourism in Dubai| Dubai travel guide Meta Description: From the sky-kissing buildings to sheikhs living a luxurious, lifestyle, Dubai is all about richness and grandeur. To be a part of this, make sure you Dubai and let Dubai tourism help you.

  • Cruise In Dubai Essay

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    Dhow Cruise in Dubai The Dubai Creek is a new a feather to Dubai's tourism industry. It was from here where the city embarked on a path leading to prosperity and growth. Today, it is as busy as any other favorite locations in the city. Dubai’s history is impossible to be written without a reference to the ancient Arabian dhows and the Creek. Thanks to the city that it has preserved its maritime heritage so beautifully. Even today, the Creek is rolling down the city’s economy with its gamut of

  • Education In Dubai Essay

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    skyscrapers and lavishing lifestyle are the main reasons for any tourist to visit the largest city of United Arab Emirates, Dubai. However, booming economy, safe cosmopolitan lifestyle, tax-free earnings, opportunities to live and study, excellent education system, world’s prominent universities and low study cost are the significant reasons for any student to study in Dubai. This sixth largest oil reservoir in the world has also become the fastest emerging education powerhouse of the Middle East

  • Essay About Dubai

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    Dubai has emerged as one of the most developing countries in the world, owing to its Engineering marvels and superb Tourist attractions. The city has gained International attention mostly due to its brilliant high-rises, skyscrapers, man-made islands, amazing hotels and few of the largest Shopping malls on the planet. Listed below are the top ten tourist attractions at Dubai. 1. Burj al-Arab Undoubtedly a miraculous achievement by the Human Kind, the Burj al-Arab Hotel as attained iconic importance

  • Dubai Case Study

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    CASE STUDY – GLOBALIZATION: THE EXAMPLE OF DUBAI 1. Describe the geographical location of Dubai Based on Amanda Britney said Dubai is the largest emirate based on population of the United Arab Emirates. As of 2008, Dubai had a population of 2,262,000It is also the second largest emirate (behind Abu Dhabi) based on land area. In addition, Dubai is located on the Persian Gulf, in the northeast of the United Arab Emirates. Next, Dubai is the second largest emirate with an urban area of 3885 sq. km

  • Cultural Values In Dubai

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    Dubai, UAE located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf is one of the seven emirates that make up the country. It is a young but developing country, it has made a name for it self in few shout years, it have the world largest building, cutting edge skyscrapers, and man made island but this also a country who is still close to it’s heritage. Dubai have rich history and Emirati heritage. “Our national identity is integrally linked to the Arabic language which serves as an effective medium to

  • Dubai Airport Case Study

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    AVIA 308 Semester: Fall Name of assignment: Dubai international airport Student name: Haitham Mohamed Al Abri Student id: 2012-2973 Instructor name: Mr. Ajai Dubai international airport is one of the biggest airports in the world. It serve the city which known (Dubai). The airport is a hub for major airline (Emirates airline and fly Dubai) , the airport is operated by Dubai airports company. The owner of the airport is the Government of Dubai. The emirates hub is the largest airline

  • Essay On Social Culture In Dubai

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    Culture in Dubai Dubai is known for its multi-culture experiences where people from different nationalities mingle together and there is a learning of various cultures, languages and religion. Although you are in another country and not of your own, there is no categorization seen as the people are treated as guests and are sometimes considered as second class citizens. The outsiders are always treated with good hospitality and the rules are the same for all the citizens of the country, there is

  • Sheik Dubai Case Study

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    as the leader of Dubai. He was the brains begind the advancements of Dubai. His guides had soon understood that a day would come and they could at no time in the future depend on oil, in this way started the vision of the pioneer. Exchanging was their principle concentrate on building up a superior tomorrow, oil was never a more noteworthy supporter of the countrys Gross domestic product. The general purpose was to differentiate and put into numerous undertakings and change Dubai to the city for

  • Negative Impacts Of Globalization In Dubai

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    In Dubai, just about everything is meant to be the biggest and the best and this it's no joke. Here you'll find the world's tallest building, the largest man made islands, the richest horse race, the biggest shopping festival, the most massive mall, and the most luxurious hotel. People who live here will tell you that Dubai is always changing - that's an understatement. Dubai has grown so fast that it hardly seems recognizable from one year to the next. Each project has been bigger, bolder, and significantly

  • Descriptive Essay About Dubai

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    Dubai Sightseeing: Not To Miss Experiences for Any Traveller The United Arab Emirates is famous for many things and the popularly known for the tall tower, man-made islands, modern architecture, luxury lifestyle, and shopping is the city of Dubai. On one side if you have the glittering wonderful city then on the other side dessert to explore during your vacation. In fact, Dubai is the hot spot for all the travellers and back packers for the iconic skylines, revolutionary hotels which are transformed

  • Project Management In Dubai Case Study

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    Project Management in Dubai: To explain about the Project Management, first there is need to understand about the country. As Dubai, is one among seven emirates which makes United Arab Emirates. According to the publication from [Ernst and young global, 2010] [15], Dubai is a cosmopolitan city with a peculiar blending of culture. The City of Dubai is the one among many focused important cities in the world, which is on the list of rapidly developing cities from the year 1990. Dubai is one of the largest

  • How To Visit Dubai Essay

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    Why visit Dubai in 2016 Dubai is one of the most beautiful and visits able place in the world. It is the most popular place to visit. A Large number of construction turned Dubai into the fastest growing cities in the world. It is famous for shopping, it is nicknamed as “Shopping capital”. The city attracts giant numbers of looking tourists from countries among the region and from as way as Jap Europe, Africa and also the Indian landmass. The Urban centre is understood for its market square districts

  • The Importance Of Urban Development In Dubai

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    Dubai has radically changed over the period of last thirty years. It has become a major business state with sustainable and branched out economy. Especially over last ten years Dubai has noticed enormous economic development as a result of urban development that converted the uninhabited desert of Dubai into commercial, residential, economic and tourist state. Dubai has a major benefit of its crucial strategic location and it is the largest exporter of imported goods in the Middle East. Dubai offers