Advantages And Disadvantages Of Globalization In The UAE

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Challenge of modernization and globalization in the UAE society

The UAE is renowned for its rich cultural heritage heavily manipulated by Arab and Islamic traditions. UNESCO has particularly acknowledged the Emirate of Sharjah as a fascinating emirate that has single handedly taken measures in protecting the rich cultural heritage of the Arabs. A classic example is anchoring the Dubai Shopping Festival in cultural values that are local and traditional. It should be noted that the primary aim of the festival is to attract tourists from all over the world. Globalization has since forced all the other Emirates to take initiatives towards protecting all features of the Arabian culture.
Globalization can be described as progressive movement of expanding the social and economic ties via spreading institutions that are corporate and the philosophy of capitalism that from an economic perspective, there is shrinkage of the world. Globalization is a phenomenon that usually affects a country in three major areas. These areas include social, cultural and economic. This paper will shade some light into how globalization is having an effect on all of the three disciplines in relation to UAE. The effects will be classified into pros and cons.
This paper is aims to scrutinize the pros and cons of globalization on UAE.

Globalization brings along with it the integration of economies which is made possible by a number of factors. It is obvious that UAE’s economy is

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