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Moving to foreign country weather it’s to study, work or to do business, it’s totally a change of environment and life. Doing business in a foreign country can be a dream of anyone. Moving abroad for doing business is not ones one day thought. It has been plan for years and lot of savings to overcome foreign barriers. Normally even it’s a dream to do business in abroad a person doesn’t move directly without analyzing the country environment situations or what are the pros and cons for doing business in a foreign country. By looking for pros and cons in moving abroad gives a clear idea what it can be or weather company has to proceed with plan or not. Reference Moving to foreign country to start up with a business can be very stressful. Organizations…show more content…
For understanding the market and country the best way is the PEST where, Political, Economic, Social and Technology analysis. Nanette Bulger has said "There are political, environmental and social issues that are very different from country to country, so you must understand the comprehensive intertwined dynamics of the market you 're in and how the dynamics of one market may affect that market as well as another," Reference. When moving country to country a company may reveal what kind of barriers are there on foreign market, but its company’s ability to produce various products which holds current market share and future market of the country. United Arab Emirates (UAE) has stable political environment. Government structure of UAE is immature and dynastic in nature. When it comes to open trade policies, it has one of the most within GCC countries where there is no protective duties and minimal import restrictions. UAE has well defined legal framework business and clear ownership rules. Ownership rights permitted to foreigners are up to 49% for limited liability companies with in Dubai and for 100% for branches and representative officers of foreign companies, professional companies and free zones enterprises. Reference Moreover it’s important…show more content…
Babette Bensoussan said "Buying a house anywhere in the world is now easy with Skype, a digital camera and the Internet. Just think - you can now view and buy an apartment in Hong Kong from Chicago, all through the Internet," Dubai has a network of seven industrial areas, one business park and three highly successful, specialized free zones of international distinction, two world class seaports, a major international airport and cargo village, a modern highway network, state-of-the-art telecommunications and reliable power and utilities all of which deliver efficiency, flexibility, reliability, reasonable cost and size. Dubai is served by over 120 shipping lines and linked via 85 airlines to over 130 global destinations. Look at changes in both products and infrastructure, such as new technology in business that could make an operating plant more efficient, Lyke-Ho-Gland suggests. To conduct business in UAE expats have to make formal legal presence within UAE by some ways like incorporating a local entity, by establishing representative branch of foreign company, being part of free zone entity or by entering information in commercial agencies. There are various approaches introduce by different people. Approaches such as Michal porter, Igor Ansoff, Gluecks, Kotler and Tailor made strategies. Reference All these strategies helps organization to overcome from barriers and achieve their common goal

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