Dubai Globalization

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Case Study – Globalization: The Example of Dubai

1. Describe the geographical location of Dubai.

Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The city has existed for almost 1000 years, but modern history as part of the UAE is shorter. UAE was established in 1971 when seven emirates before separately (UAE ruled by an emir, Sheik as in Dubai or other government joined. This happened after the United Kingdom, the colonial powers in the region, leaving the Persian Gulf.
Dubai Emirate geographical location is in the city of Dubai and its small surrounding continued south in the desert. Dubai area is 3,885 square kilometers. (Greater Toronto Area [GTA] - Toronto, Durham, York, Peel, Halton and regions is 7,125 square kilometers.) Dubai has only 72 kilometers of coastline along the Persian Gulf.
Dubai 's population is about one million in 2007, but growing rapidly. Most of the population consists of expatriates (those who go to other countries to work).
Only 19 percent of the population was born in Dubai UAE, 23 percent are from Iran and Arab countries, and 50 percent are from South Asia (India and Pakistan the most common), most of them work in construction and basic services. The remaining 8 percent of foreign workers from Europe or North America, East Asia. Many of these workers are in the fields of vocational, technical and management.
Dubai has a subtropical desert climate. In winter, nighttime temperatures drop as low as 10 ° C in the summer, daytime temperatures can

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