Essay About Tourism In Oman

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Oman is known for its tourist attractions from all around the world. Wadi's deserts, beaches, and mountains are areas which make Oman different to other gulf countries. Mountainous areas such as Jabel Shams are widely common in Oman which makes camping even more interesting. Moreover, there are many deserts and sand plains in Oman. Wadies are also common land features in Oman. In the capital of Oman, Muscat we can find many malls and more civilized areas that will make anybody more interested. During monsoon time, the weather becomes nice on the southern coastal areas of Oman such as, Salalah which is one of the main tourism areas in Oman and perhaps in the Gulf area as will. The versatility in Oman’s topography makes it an interesting place for tourism. Furthermore, the local Omanis are very kind and always willing to help. The combination of landscapes available and the hospitality of the people makes Oman the right tourism choice. Therefore, Tourism in Oman need to be better promoted to the whole world through the different marketing tools available nowadays such as, …show more content…

For example, portals can be great tools to let people around the world know about interesting places in your country and therefore attract tourists worldwide and hence improve the economy of your country. Portals can also exhibit many information about different places in Oman or other countries, which might not be famous. Raising people’s awareness about many important cites is also another benefit of tourism portals. Festivals and important events in a country can be known from tourism portals also. All these things can lead to improvement of tourism and hence the economy of the country. And as we know economy and tourism drive each other and it’s important to think about the economical aspect.So, the main importance of tourism portals is publicity and promotion of unique events in the

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