Battle At Bunker Hill Analysis

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Battle at Bunker Hill The Significance of The Battle at Bunker Hill was that it was the first important battle of the American War of Independence. The Battle at Bunker Hill was a very important battle and how it affected the colonists. It affected both the British and the Colonists. Some of the major generals during the battle had a major role on the outcome of the battle. Major Generals William Prescott was one of the major generals during the Battle at Bunker Hill. Prescott realized that his troops were running low on ammunition, so he told his troops ‘’don’t shoot until they could see the whites of their eyes.’’ This battle was what made everyone realize that Prescott was a good leader and that he had military experience. Prescott’s leadership during battle played a major role on the overall outcome of the battle… Dr. Joseph Warren also was one of the major commanders during battle. He was the most intelligent commander during his time in being in battle.. Warren was a well known politic, that’s why he was so smart during the battle. He played a key role during his short life time. He died for the american independence during the battle at bunker hill. Effects on the British …show more content…

But they suffered a major loss, almost 100 British officers lie dead or wounded. The British definitely couldn’t afford to suffer another heavy loss like this. The British really underestimated the American Colonists, they thought that they would easily beat the americans. But they have finally met their match. The British had a total of 1,154 casualties, to the 441 American casualties. General William Howe played a key role for the British during that Battle of Bunker Hill. He drove the Americans away when they were suffering heavy losses. But after the battle was over the confidence that Howe had in his soldiers was very low. He knew that his soldiers just couldn’t handle the power of the

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