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‘’The Battle of Fredericksburg was an early Battle of the Civil War and stands as one of the greatest Confederate victories’’. Led by General Robert E. Lee, the army of Northern Virginia routed the Union Force. The Battle of fredericksburg was fought during the Civil War in 1862. The reason the Battle of Fredericksburg was fought was because of slavery and it was also fought for land. The result of the effort by the Union Army was to regain the initiative in its struggle against Lee’s more smaller but more fierce army. In December 13, 1832 Ambrose Burnside had an order to cross more than 120,000 troops across the Rappahannock River. They made a sponge attack on Robert E. Lee’s 80,800 strong-army of Northern Virginia at Fredericksburg. In …show more content…

Lees evacuation of Mary Land after the Battle of Antietam Creek on September 19-20, 1862’’. Lee and his troop’s rested for a few nights and then went up the Shenandoah Valley. On October 6 the president ordered McClellan to cross the the Potomac and attack the enemy. The president also ordered McClellan to move his army while the roads are clear. twenty-four days were spent before the order was obeyed. ‘’On the morning of December 11 the engineers went quietly to work to construct five pontoon bridges for the passages of the Natinal army’’. Fredericksburg army were dislodged by a party that crossed hundreds of troops across by boats and the bridges were also rebuilt. the Confederates were ready to attack with 300 cannons well placed on the heights. Some of Franklin’s corps started the Battle; Jackson’s advice line, under the A.P hill,was pulled back and 200 people were prisinor’s. A fierce attack on Mead made him to fall backwards. ‘’Finaly, with reinforcement pushed back the Confederate right to the Massaponax, were the context continued until dark time. in the afternoon the front side of the Confederate army got attacked by the enemy. Upon his army the Natinal army were losing because the Confederate army were smashin on them with their canons. Out of all of the Veterans that got send to attack 2,013 people died because of that

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