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“On the afternoon of July 2,1863, the second day at Gettysburg, Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain led the 20th Regiment Maine Volunteers, fewer than 500 officers and men, up the steep slope of Little Round Top and into the pages of history.” ( Longacre ) . In May 1863, Gettysburg had begun with General Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia's second invasion of the North. On its second day, Lee ordered an attack on Union forces just south of Gettysburg. His men, fresh off a successful first day of fighting, stormed the Union army’s left flank, but they were repelled as a result Chamberlain’s famous bayonet charge down Little Round Top. The Union was saved and peace was eventually restored because of Joshua L. Chamberlain’s short period of defense at the Battle of Gettysburg on July 2, 1863.
Joshua Chamberlain was educated at a military academy in Ellsworth, Me., graduated from Bowdoin College, Brunswick, in 1852, and in 1855 completed a course at the Bangor Theological Seminary. By 1861, he was elected to the Chair of Modern Languages for being fluent in nine languages: Greek, Latin, etc. In 1862, he was granted leave of …show more content…

There are a number of things that led up to this: from the fact that the Union army was in a struggle going against the Confederate army even before the Battle of Gettysburg, to the bayonet charge by Chamberlain and his men that ended up being the climax of the entire battle and ending with General Lee being forced back to Virginia, and surrendering the battle. This battle was one of the greatest ever to be fought on American soil. This country could have been divided into two separate parts and that is not the purpose of this country, had the Confederacy won. However, the North won and now there is no restriction on where people can live based off of their skin

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