Bea Beau Chene Landscaping Case Study

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Everyone wants to be successful and make goals become reality. Being successful and completing goals requires a commitment and constant remembrance of those goals. There are many different kinds of people in this world with many different kinds of thoughts. It takes a team and lots of thoughts, efforts, planning and decision making to become a successful organization. Successful is defined as accomplishing an aim or purpose. With that, organizations have to establish a certain goal and define the strategy and direction of which the organization achieve its success. Every organization possess a strategic goal and in order for the strategic goal to become reality, strategic plans are established. Before entering the United States Air Force, I worked at a company called Beau Chene Landscaping. After working there for multiple years, I got an idea of where the company wants to go and how it would accomplish it. With that said, I will be sharing the company’s main strategic goals along with its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats followed by recommendations.…show more content…
A small company with big ambitions to become the best and most successful organization in its region. The main goals of this organization besides to become the best and most successful organization in its region, is to expand its reach. Expanding the organizations reach opens up multiple opportunities to become successful. Its plans are to dominate all others who offer the same services as the company. Completing that is followed by buying out other organizations, increasing clientele, and moving forward to the next plan which is to become a franchised

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