Becoming A Hero In Homer's Odyssey

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A hero is a person who accomplishes achievements and has great courage. That person goes through a lot of stages to become a great hero. It has mainly three stages called the separation, the initiation and lastly the return, but in each stage it has more steps. I see it as if the hero is walking up some stairs to become a hero. Not only heroes have to complete these steps also great leaders do. In the book “The Odyssey” written by Homer wrote about what happen to a man named Odysseus after the Trojan War. Altho Odysseus was the main character and became a hero so did his son Telemachus. Odysseus son was left alone with his wife and left Telemachus to go to war and Telemachus was just a baby. Telemachus was in charge but did not take lead. He…show more content…
I was proud that he was becoming a leader, but his position was finance officer, but I expected him to be the president. I was still proud of him because it was the first time he was trying something new. Then I told him “I want to be on Student Council when I go to your school,” I thought he was going to say, “Yeah give it a try it's so much fun”. Instead he said, “It will be difficult for you, but it is possible.” I wasn't going to let that get me down, I argued with him and said “I’m going to prove it, I will be in Student Council and not because it isn't about popularity.” Then, when I was in sixth grade, I was eligible to be in Student Council, but I was new at the school and very shy. Anyways, I was going to wait until next year, but my mom pushed me and she told me that I should give it a try. Then I ran for Spirit Commissioner and everything was new for me. I had to learn how the procedures work. First, we had t get at least twenty signatures from the school that are going to vote for me. Then we had to do a poster with a photo of us and the position we are running for. Lastly, we had to make a speech and it was my first time public reading. I was so nervous but I had a feeling I might win this, but sadly I wasn't elected. I was sad and I thought to myself that some things weren't meant to be. This was my first attempt to be in Student council and…show more content…
Eighth grade is the only grade to be president or vice president. Then I thought if I was going to prove my brother wrong, I would have to be in a higher position. Then eighth grade came and our class wasn't a class anymore, we were instead a family. We were all grown up and I was backing out from becoming a leader. I was backing out from being in Student Council because I heard that one of my closest best friend was running for president and I didn't want any competition. What I did was to run for vice president instead, so that there wouldn't be any problem in between us. As I told everyone what position I was going to run for, everyone was sad and surprised because they expected more from me. One of my friends told me, “I think you would make a great leader and I would totally vote for you, but it's sad that you gave up.” Then I told him that my friend was going to be a great leader. Then he said, “You don't need to be afraid to shine you just need to believe in yourself.” Later on that day once again, my mom pushed me to go for it. This is a comparison with me and telemachus because we both had great mentors to lead us our way. So then I decided to run for president and I was well organized. I got more than twenty signatures in, made my big poster and I did my great speech. At last, the final votes were turned in and they were all counted. They called us into the principal office
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