Beethoven Fifth Symphony Analysis

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I chose to listen to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. It’s probably the most well-know piece of western music in the world. Otherwise, it’s a catchy rhythm, which Beethoven uses as the base for the entire symphony. And it gets better and better from the start. I personally really like Beethoven’s Fifth, and especially the fact that it’s so popular amongst people who wouldn’t say they’re classical music fans. It’s many people’s first introduction to this magical world of beautiful sounds. A rhythm is very identifiable, even if the composer changes all the notes and the harmonies. After doing some research about this piece, I learned the Fifth symphony is in four movements: sonata, andante, scherzo and finale. The music itself is so strikingly dramatic, …show more content…

It must less distracting from other people. When the vibe is just right, the music is that much better because of the atmosphere. In contrast, the sound is simply awesome when I listen to the music live. The sound never hurt my ears. The sound of strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion filling the acoustic space of the concert hall that makes you never forget. You don’t so much hear the sound of each instrument; you hear it filling the concert hall. Otherwise, the music connection would be stronger than it could ever be from performance online. Yet, depending on where you sit, it’s also decided how good and bad the sound system is. Then, when you listen to the performance online, you can play it at exactly the volume you want. However, the feelings you have while listening to performances live or online would never be the same. Live performances are always better.
Today, while the social media element is expanding, it may take away from me the music listening/viewing experience. It’s easier to just turn on your laptop and pick a piece of music you want to listen than buy a ticket and waiting for the date to attend the concert in person. That’s the reason why I could just jump into online and listening to those online performances. It contributes to taking away the chance to go to concerts by myself and listen live. Overtimes, I will miss out those chances of experiencing live music. There would

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