Before The Flood Analysis

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Introduction The movie “Before the Flood (2016) “ lead by Leonardo DiCaprio has been a big impact on me and hopefully the entire world.” Leonardo DiCaprio is an influential celebrity who has devoted much of his private life to help combat an increasing threat to humanity – climate change. In order to successfully advocate for a certain issue a celebrity needs credibility and public approval. DiCaprio’s stardom gives him a unique ability to be influential, different from a “regular” politician or advocate.”(Batalla Miller, 2017). Even a celebrity is trying his hard to fight for the environment that all of us are suppose to protect. We are also responsible for every single breath we take, for every single second we live on this mother earth …show more content…

Even me myself, before watching the movie by Leonardo DiCaprio “ Before the Flood (2016)” doesn’t even acknowledge this as a problem. It is a mistake to think that way. Bleaching of coral reef affected the ecosystem of the aquatic being that live in the water. What is coral reef? “Coral reefs live within a fairly narrow envelope of environmental conditions constrained by water temperatures, light, salinity, nutrients, bathymetry and the aragonite saturation state of seawater (Buddemeier and Kinzie 1976; Kleypas et al. 1999; Hoegh-Guldberg 2005). Their natural environment, at the interface of land, sea and the atmosphere, can vary quickly and potentially be stressful.” (Eakin, Lough, Heron, & Stednick, 2009). According to (McField, 2017) Coral beaching is the most visible, wide-spread and iconic manifestation of climate change on reefs, but it is far from the only one. Bleaching is a generalized term for the loss of symbiotic dinoflagellates, or their pigments, in stony corals and is typically associated with sustained, unusually warm water temperatures (Hoegh-Guldberg, 1999), particularly when it occurs over a large geographic scale. Bleaching events can change colorful vibrant coral reefs into pale rocky graveyards, ominous shadows of possible future

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