Being A Breastfeeding Mother

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Working women all over know the joy that comes when they find out there will soon be a baby added to their family. She and her spouse have a lot of planning to do and a long time to plan.

Many women decide to breastfeed their babies and wonder how being a breastfeeding mom will affect their job.

Breastfeeding isn 't always easy no matter how natural it is. Add job stress to the fears you may already have about not being able to supply enough milk for your baby, and you may be concerned about the prospects of being able to do both. You may be glad to know that millions of women have become breastfeeding moms and held down their regular job.

Employers are required by law not to discriminate against breastfeeding moms. In fact, they may also be required to …show more content…

Be sure to let your boss know that you plan to breastfeed and that you intend to pump during the day to provide your baby with the best possible start. Talking with them ahead of time will enable them to research the laws concerning breastfeeding and to set aside a private area where you can pump in privacy.

If your company doesn 't have a refrigerator, plan to bring a small cooler that you can use to store the breast milk. You 'll also need to bring an electric breast pump to make expressing milk quicker.

Don 't beat yourself up if you find that pumping while at work doesn 't work for you. Remember that your baby will still get the benefits of breast milk while you 're at home on maternity leave. If you continue to breastfeed when you get home, your child will receive the benefits of breast milk but you 'll have formula to fall back on while you 're apart.

Remember that even partial breastfeeding has many benefits. It doesn 't have to be an all or nothing proposition. Of course, being forearmed with knowledge is a nursing mother 's success secret. So read books on combining working and breastfeeding and visit with other moms at La Leche League meetings to learn their tips, and enjoy

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