Being Affected By Drugs In Communities Around The World

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It is no surprise that drugs have a huge impact in communities around the world. Drugs themselves bring problems that can last a lifetime, and the business of drugs is harsh and unforgiving. Also, drugs are addicting and can cause a person to keep going back to them, even if negative results are showing. That being said, communities that drugs are in are no doubt being affected by the situations and threats that occur because of drugs. My community is no exception. One way my community is being affected by drugs is the fear that runs through it because of deaths related to drugs. Since these deaths have occurred, parents are constantly cautioning their children to stay away from drugs. They also do this because the victims of these deaths are getting younger everyday, and they are not willing to give funeral parlors their money after failing to save their child. Furthermore, even if the child isn’t killed, these parents do not want their children to end up addicted to drugs, suffering through …show more content…

People who are addicted to drugs may turn to robbing people of their money in order to pay for their poison. Due to this, people tend to not stay out after nightfall and make sure to lock their doors when entering their house. People are also less willing to open their doors when someone knocks. The fear is so strong that if a crime happens and someone knows about it, they would more likely stay quiet than tell the police, thus making their job harder. Another way that drugs affect my community is that they provide a distraction for high school students. High school students are more prone to trying out new things, including drugs. Should they try it and get addicted, their school work would suffer almost immediately. This not only disrupts their future, but increases the chance that they will resort to more violent ways of getting the money to pay for their little

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