Bella's Case Study In Organizational Behaviour

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Bella’s: a case study in organizational behavior Ali Kareem Issa Daner Dlawar Anwar University Of Kurdistan Organizational Behavior Instructor: Dr. Natalia Danilovich December, 15, 2014 Give your understanding of job satisfaction and employee engagement, discuss/describe why each is important in organizational settings? First of all, "Job Satisfaction is a general expression of workers’ positive attitudes built up towards their jobs."(Çelik, 2011, pp 2). In addition, job satisfaction is employee 's perception feelings about her/his job within the organization, also those feelings could be positive which means highly satisfied or negative which means highly dissatisfied. Job satisfaction occurs when employees consider the type of the …show more content…

Moreover, both job satisfaction and employee engagement are playing a significant role through accomplishing the organizational goals and objectives effectively and efficiency. Job satisfaction is important in the organizational settings, because according to Robbins and judge in 2013, first of all, job satisfaction affects productivity because several studies have stated that, the more employees are satisfied and happy, they more likely to have more products. Secondly, job satisfaction influences absenteeism, there is a negative relationship among job satisfaction absenteeism because satisfied employees are less likely to miss work. In the third place, job satisfaction again plays an essential role through the decisions of staying or leaving of the workers within the organization which is called turnover .in the fourth stage, job satisfaction is the main consideration of an employee 's organizational citizenship behavior (OCB), also the employees who are more satisfied are more likely to involve in OCBs, and talk more positively about the firm. In the end, job satisfaction also plays an important role through satisfying the customers, satisfied employees have a …show more content…

There are several approaches to improve job satisfaction and employee engagement, first of all our recommendations to Kris Jenkins to develop job satisfaction and employee engagement of Salon Manager are, at the first stage, increasing the opportunity of promotion for the managers because fulfillment theory in order to make the employees happy you have to satisfy their wishes and demand and the more the employees earn the more satisfy they will be as (Çelik, 2011), stated. The second one is, the supervisors have to establish a strong connections with the subordinates, and the owner also need to establish a strong relationship with the managers “determination theory also proposes that in addition to being driven by a need for autonomy, people seek ways to achieve competence and positive connections to others” (Robbins & Judge, 2013 pp 208 ). The third one is managers should make decisions independently, at the same time the managers should know the organization 's goals and objectives properly. Secondly, our suggestions to Kris Jenkins to improve job satisfaction and employee engagement of Hair Stylist, firstly promotion opportunity has to be raised. Secondly, the relationship should be positive with the supervisors according to Harter and Schmidt and Killham in 2003 an effective manager is always listen to his subordinators and fulfill their needs and the managers have to find a relationship between the needs of individuals and the organization. The owner of the firm

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