Belonging Quotes From The Arrival

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This text was published in 2006. This year was a time when Australia was very multicultural with the immigration of people from all over the world. In fact, there were 670 000 Australians of Chinese ancestry in 2006. Tan wrote the book based on his father (a Chinese) and based it on Tan’s separateness and unclear notion of identity or detachment from roots.
‘The Arrival’ is a wordless graphic novel that portrays the journey of a Chinese migrant man and his family who are seeking the residence of a new country for a better life. It depicts the perceptions and ideas of belonging to this new country, society and culture from the migrant’s perspective.
There is a strong sense of belonging portrayed in the family. Belonging comes from the …show more content…

This is mainly because of the harsh and strict environment. Mr Brocklehurst (master of Lowood school) singles her out by ordering Jane to stand on a stool and forbidding the other students from speaking to her for the rest of the day which provides evidence of her lack of belonging. Similarly, in St Patrick’s College, Peter experiences a lack of complete belonging. This is portrayed in the second stanza, where he feels anxiety and uncertainty (which he constantly experienced) about his school. He also refers to the school always being overshadowed by clouds which is symbolic of an uncertain future.
Nearing the end of Jane’s stay at Lowood, she decides she wants a change due to the fact that Miss Temple (a dear teacher who stood Jane in the stead of a ‘mother, governess, and latterly, companion) left the school. With her in the school, Jane felt somewhat at home and a sense of belonging. Upon her departure, she applies for the job of a governess to fulfil the longing of belonging once again.
Peter also purposes to pursue a career in the future. The last line shows that he too would make use of his life by letting his light shine in order to belong. This ends the poem in a positive

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