Benefits Of Paterfamilias

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However, according to The Encyclopedia of the Roman World by Chandler Fiona, sons were important, because Romans put a lot of value on continuing the family name. Yet, the paterfamilias had absolute rule over his household and children, boys and girls. If they angered him, he had the legal right to disown his children, sell them into slavery, or even kill them. With this information, she could understand that even if boy were preferred, under the pater’s power boys and girls were equal. Therefore, girls had some respect and love toward the father. Because even if in the society they were not equal to men and the pater decided about every aspect of their lives, under his power they were equal to the boys and if they behaved well in return the pater was respectful to them. This element would definitely hurt her argument, as it shows that girls were thankful to the equality given to them by the pater and the law. …show more content…

The fact that the paterfamilias was willing to initiate divorce demonstrates that the pater cared about his daughters to some extent, thus his daughters were thankful and grateful to him. This element would certainly hurt the central argument, as it shows that the pater had feelings toward his children and was not using them only for monetary purposes (dowry). This information also proves that children loved their father and definitely respected

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