Beta Club Community Analysis

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Beta Club is considered a service organization. Each semester, Beta Club members are required to complete ten hours of service. To some people, Beta Club is something they are involved with because all of their classmates seem to be involved with it, but to others like me, Beta Club holds a much greater meaning. Beta Club is a way to find people in need right in our own community. Whether those people are in poverty without a reliable income of food or teenagers looking for representation as they face legal challenges. At each event there are always Beta members who contemplate whether the coordinator will give them the full amount of hours if they leave early or only interact with those they are supposed to be helping when approached. But that is not what I do. Beta Club means more to me than simply something that requires me to get a log signed a few times so that I can list the club on my college application. When I am at a race, I am do not merely direct the runners; I holler cheers and encouragement. When I write letters to the elderly, I do not stick to the generic script written on the board; I make each letter personal so the recipient feels a little less lonely. When I tutor Hoggard students, I do not allow my help to me constricted to the time in the classroom that is recorded on my log; I offer my email address as a way for the students in need of academic …show more content…

A member of Beta Club must also maintain character, leadership, and achievement. When it comes to helping others, a person that embraces all four pillars of Beta Club is compelled to go beyond what is required to get his/her log signed. A good member sees Beta Club as an opportunity to help others. Through Beta Club, I am able to meet people that are in need, whether that be in need of a meal or a smile, and I am able to make their lives a little easier and a little more

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