Binge Drinking Persuasive Speech

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Binge drinking is one of our society’s greatest faults. The majority of binge drinkers are 18-20 year olds who are exercising their new freedom from their parents. They haven’t been correctly exposed to alcohol or understand how to drink responsibly in their lives. Underage and unsupervised drinking has been an epidemic in our country for far too long, even our presidents daughter has had pictures taken of her drinking underage at a college party. This type of irresponsible, binge drinking party can cause a lot of deaths in underage drinkers. If they were exposed to drinking earlier in life, where a parent could teach the child to not drink until you can’t walk, it would greatly reduce the amount of deaths and accidents caused by over drinking. According to the 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, two-hundred thousand people underage people visit the emergency room a year due to serious injuries from binge drinking. Of those two-hundred thousand people, over four thousand of them have died from over drinking.
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You are not allowed to consume alcohol until the age of 21. At eighteen you can buy and use tobacco which has been proven to cause cancer and is more harmful to the human body than consuming alcohol is. Part of being taken seriously as a mature young adult is exercising your right to vote. In the United States you are considered legal and are able to vote at age 18. Many years ago when the voting age was still 21, Senator Kennedy argued that a young adult could enlist in the military and be drafted to serve in war, but could not vote. With an overwhelming amount of support in Congress, and the support of the Senator, in 1971 it was passed that 18 year-olds could take part in the federal, state and local elections. Young adults all over the United States is now partaking in the political process but can still cannot legally consume

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