Biopsychosocial Model Of Substance Abuse Essay

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Diverse reasons lie behind the fact that a person would start abusing substances. Those reasons had different origins going from personal issues to social issues. George L. Engle was the one who established a relationship between biological, psychological, and social factors and substance abuse. (Levinthal). Chances in the treatment of drug-abuse are increased when the combination of biological, psychological, and social factors leading to drug abuse are taken into consideration. Some of these factors are genetics predispositions, diet, mood swing, poor self-esteem, peer influences, and the socioeconomic status. Coming up with a treatment plan based on those factors is referred to as the biopsychosocial model of drug abuse treatment. (Levinthal). …show more content…

In the case an alcoholic might be treated using the biopsychosocial model, he will not be asked to practice total abstinence only. Considering the biological and the psychological factors, his family history would be included in the treatment plan. If there is any history of alcoholism in the family, then the alcoholic was predisposed or might have been psychologically affected by the alcoholic parent behaviors. His current family situation (going through a divorce) might also be a cause of his drinking. The treatment plan would include counseling sessions where the patient could talk about how he was affected by his family’s situation and why the need of drinking took over his life. The alcoholic might also have a stressful work environment or financial difficulties. Based on these social factors, the counselor might just advised the alcoholic to change his job and put in him in contact with the adequate associations that can help come back on his feet. With the help of the biopsychosocial model, not only the addiction to alcohol will be treated but the causes as well would be eradicated. Thus, the chances of relapsing would decrease because the reasons underlying the addictions does no longer exist. The healthcare provider should also look at the possibility of multiple drug abuse when putting together the treatment plan. The decision of the alcoholic to get treatment and the motivation to go

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