Bipartisanship Essay

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Bipartisanship is crucial to passing effective legislation. When both party disagree with each other gridlock occurs. This gridlock forces both sides to stonewall the other to get a bill passed that is lopped sided favoring one party over the other. Bipartisanship allows all voices to be heard which creates a bill that congress can pass that represents the greater good of the country rather than one party’s constituency. With bipartisanship congress works smoother and is favored by the country with positive rating. When parties draw lines in the sand they become consumed with their party’s goals and forget what truly is important. As we see with congress being partisan, the country realizes that it doesn’t work because it lead to a government shut down and the country is on course to see another one. Bipartisanship is great because it works. When the government is working like a well-oiled machine bills can get passed on a timely matter versus sitting and waiting until congress changes the language to make it more republican or …show more content…

The reason I mentioned that is bipartisanship means both parties have to come together but some time with parties they think bipartisan ship means one republican jumps on a mostly democrat bill or vice versa. That’s not bipartisanship at all what it is, is congressmen giving each other favors in order to pass a bill. There isn’t much give and take which means it’s not bipartisan. Also bipartisanship stops gridlock but if there are positions that one side feels that needs to be addressed it and it doesn’t then it pays off to be partisan. The reason for that is that the legislation process has some form of debate so parties make good quality bills that doesn’t grant the ills of both parties on the bill. Both sides shouldn’t get what they want and should be able to come to an agreement that suits both sides of

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