Black Mental Health Essay

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Struggling to Find Resources for Mental Health in The Black Community
Mental health in the Black community is often left on the back burner. For instance, for as long as slavery African American mental health stigma has always been an unfair social attitude (McLean, 2023). As an African American, I always felt that mental health in general is a challenging topic to speak about and nobody really knows the correct words to use. It has been stated that a black person who suffers from a mental health illness is not reported as much as a white person who may suffer from a mental health illness (Guerra, 2022). As a black person it is already hard being black in this society however, being black and someone who suffered from mental health issues made …show more content…

Studies shows that black people are more than 7 times as likely to live in high-poverty neighborhoods with limited or no access to mental health services compared to a privilege white person (McLean, 2023). I believe that as a black person that lived in a high-poverty neighborhood I must say that it was hard finding any help that dealt with mental health illnesses. I also found that most resources that I did come across was exorbitant. In my research it has been reported that most black people are on welfare or in debt (Peck, 2019). I will have to agree with this statement because the black people that I encountered that suffers from some form of mental health illness is indeed on welfare. As an African American, I truly believe that we would be able to provide financial support in hard times if we actually had the …show more content…

I believe mental health in the black community can be changed if we get the resources that focus on helping with our mental health. I believe that black people should consider seeking mental health care because it is not a sign of weakness and will help in the long run. Society need to give us free access and more resources so we can change the narrative that black people do not want to receive therapy or help. Studies show that therapy gives a relief from depression, anxiety, and other forms of mental health disorders (Renewal health group, 2022). I believe giving black people free access to resources and therapy can help cope and heal from their mental health issues. I believe this will improve the Black community and bring more awareness to black people mental

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