Black Saturday Bushfires In Australia

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Marysville, a beautiful town on the way of the Victorian Snowfields completely changed the way in looked in just a few hours because of the Black Saturday Bushfire. Bushfires are really common in Australia. Bushfires rapidly increases until it is properly controlled. Marysville not receiving rainfall for a fair while, the extreme hear and windy weather contributed to the unstoppable bushfire that occurred on seventh of February 2009.
The social impacts of a bushfire can be extremely distressing. Citizens having to see their near and dear ones dead or injured, loss of their home, source of income can be shocking. It not only burns down houses but memories and heritage goes up in the smoke. But, it is good to see the other communities working together and helping victims to overcome and settle into daily living. When the town Marysville burnt down to ashes, the people/residents were forced to relocate to the safest place – evacuation centres. …show more content…

Fire plays a significant role in the life cycle of plants as it helps in regrowth. It also encourages the germination of new grassland plants. However, bushfires increases the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the air which is harmful for both individuals and environment. Bushfire also risks the life on animals. Marysville (and surrounding areas) accommodated the only recognised habitat of lead beaters’ possum and some other endangered animals. Those animals were at risk of extinction due to the Black Saturday

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