Rlt2 Task 1

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Community health nursing is directed toward improving the health outcomes of the community through the prevention of disease as well as handling crises in the case of a natural disaster. In the following discussion, I will describe the stages to preparing for a tornado because of the potential of happening my local area and the public nurse’s role during each of the stages. Managing a disaster starts with the first stage which is the prevention phase. The demographics of local area need to be identified by trending the vulnerable groups so that extra attention and care can be provided. The general public, healthcare professions and other volunteers need education on strategies in the case of a catastrophe occurring in the community even before it happens. During this stage, the community nurse can hand out information pamphlets to local …show more content…

Stage two entails being prepared and planning. All communities should have a handbook that indicates who has the authority, communication, control, coordination of personnel, supplies, evacuation, rescue and care of the dead (Nies & McEwen, 2015. The nurse can work collaboratively with the emergency authorities to ensure tornado warnings broadcasted and safety measures implemented. The community nurse’s role is to prioritize the most vulnerable groups such as the older crowd, the homeless, individuals with disabilities, the sick and the poor so that they are evacuated to a safe area, followed by public. Stage three is the response stage and the most critical phase of the disaster. Once the natural disaster occurs, immediate response needs to follow. This period is often chaotic due to the publics, fears, sustained injuries, and apparent damages are seen. During this stage, the community nurse can provide medical attention to the injured victims as well as emotional support. Public

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