Bless Me Ultima Witch Essay

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Ultima, the Witch In the story Bless Me Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya, there are clues throughout that can ultimately lead the reader to one of two conclusions depending on how the reader interprets this character and her actions. In this story Ultima is often referred to as either a witch or a curander.(pg53) The reader will either see Ultima as a messenger that is working as an evil being, or as a higher being that roams earth performing miracles and saving lives through the use of her skills and knowledge. Ultima is respected by and has respect for both the indigenous and Catholic traditions. Her appreciation for different faiths strengthens her belief that each person must make their own moral decisions, rather than just blindly trust one authority. Ultima respects the wisdom of the Catholic faith and is able to attend mass, all the while “the priest refusal meant the church was taking stand and that evil ways of the Trementians were known to all.” (pg 141) The church is unaccepting of the daughters of Tenorio, as they are also accused of being witches. Ultima and Tenorio’s daughters both use the same powers; the power and knowledge are used very differently …show more content…

The Owl in Hispanic culture is considered evil or to elicit bad luck. Ultima’s owl seems to watch over Antonio, just as Ultima does. It provides comfort to him and even proves to head warning upon danger, not a foreshadowing of evil. The owl attacked Tenorio, gouging his eyes, when Ultima is being accused of witchery. Tenorio sets a test for Ultima to prove she is not evil. A cross is placed on the door for her to pass through. The owl attacks at the very moment Ultima is passing through the door. The cross is found on the ground half broken, and Tenorio is left blind. Was the owl protecting Ultima, or did she tell it to attack to cover up her passing through the door. This part of the story leaves the reader in suspense and to weather she is truly good or

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