Blithe Spirit An Improbable Farce In Three Acts Analysis

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This play is called Blithe Spirit – An Improbable Farce in Three Acts by Noël Coward and it was written in 1945. The setting of the whole play is only in one place, the living room of Charles and Ruth’s house. The play is divided into three acts. Charles invited a local medium named Madame Arcati to have a séance at his house. His invitation was to collect some good information for his new book for he is a writer. Charles and his wife Ruth have been married before, but their earlier partners had passed away. Elvira was Charles’ first wife who has been dead for seven years but still bothering his relationship between his present wife, Ruth. this play is not about how Charles finds ideas for his new book anymore but some complex conflicts going on with Elvira and Ruth. Elvira is the one that is making troubles in the relationship between Charles and Ruth. Even though Madame Arcati was called to hold a séance, she was not really a help for Charles because she knew what she was doing but always ended up nothing. She could feel and talk to the dead people but can’t really convince them. Instead it made more misunderstanding especially for Ruth. The connection between Charles and Ruth used to good and okay before Madame Arcati was presented. Ruth was acting as a good wife and had an easy open-minded conversation with Charles about Elvira, saying things like, “I’m sure I should. As you talk of her she sounds enchanting. Yes, I’m sure I should have liked her because you know I have

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