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Chris’s BMI is 17 and his BMR is 2,246. Chris’s target HR at 60% is 152 and his target HR at 80% is 179. Chris is only 14 years old and wants to gain muscle mass so that he can try out for the wresting team this upcoming season. Due to his age I would recommend him being screened by a medical professional before we went through with any testing. This may help me identify problem areas, if any, and ensure he is in good shape. Prior to taking any test that I would have Chris preform I would check his blood pressure to ensure that it is optimal for training. This will help me identify if it is excellent, good, fair, or poor. After ensuring that he is in optimal health I would administer the following tests, Range of motion, strength and endurance, and cardio endurance. …show more content…

This will give me an idea of Chris 's range of motion as well as a good start point to work on and later show range of motion and flexibility increases as the training continues. For a cardio endurance test I feel that a 12-minute walk/run test will help me determine the cardiovascular level of fitness that Chris has. For a Strength and Endurance test I think that the push up test is a good assessment for upper body strength and endurance. Chris has minimal resistance training due to his age, so I may be weary to conduct an upper body barbell flat bench test at 65% of 1RM. The push up test would also allow for a good start point to work from and build to the higher resistance training. I also want to assess Chris 's overall muscular strength and endurance by conducting the sit up test. After the results of the tests I would suggest a plan that looks like

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