Boo Radley's Quotes

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Quote #3- This quote occurs when Jem and Scout return to their present-receiving knothole and find that it is filled with cement. They interrogate Mr. Radley and find out that he filled up the hole. He has a legitimate excuse in claiming it was sick, and throws Jem off by telling him he should have known this. This quote is important because it shows us that Mr. Radley knows his brother has been leaving gifts in that tree, and Jem and Scout realise that they have gotten Boo into trouble. Quote #4- This quote is said by Dill when he and Jem are hatching their plan to lure Boo Radley out of the house. Dill has not been to the town often, and does not know much about Boo Radley other than the spooky stories. The way he addresses the situation …show more content…

This quote shows Calpurnia in her wrathful righteousness, and shows that she is respectful towards people that are different. It is likely that Calpurnia has witnessed how people treat those who are different, and doesn’t want Scout to be one of those people. This quote is important since it teaches us more about Calpurnia, and shows us where Scout gets her lessons from. Quote #9- This quote is Miss Maudie talking about Atticus to Scout, and speaking honestly. She means that Atticus treats his family with the same attitude he would treat strangers, and hides nothing. This quote is important because it teaches us that the townspeople know what Atticus is like, and know he is equal to everybody. Quote #10- This quote is when Walter Cunningham has not brought any lunch to school, and is interrogated by Miss Caroline. Scout has to explain why Walter couldn’t have a lunch, and is “whipped” after explaining that Walter is poor. Scout knows that the Cunninghams only pay back in favours, are poor, and work hard, but she can’t explain this all as “well as Atticus did.” This quote is important because it shows how unfamiliar Miss Caroline is to Maycomb, and that Scout is the one looked to to explain these

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