Book Report On Outsiders By Malcolm Gladwell

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The book “Outsiders” in written by Malcolm Gladwell and it is about the stories of extremely successful people. In this book he discusses this thing called the 10,000 hour rule. I do not believe in the 10,000 hour rule. One of the reasons is because one of my freinds practices soccer about 2 hours a day and he has since he was 9, now he is 23. This comes out to 10,220 hours of practice and he isn’t world class by any means and in fact he is not even in the minors he does play for a very good local club but he is not getting paid the big bucks. If he didn’t turn into a god at 10,000 hours then the rule must be bogus. In my life I have read a decent amount of 3650 hours. If we go by Gladwell’s rule then i must be around ⅓ of the way to being

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